Turbos and Compound Turbo Kits for Diesel Engines

Find the best diesel turbos from Garrett, BorgWarner, and Power Driven Diesel at the lowest prices. Select a manufacturer below and find the right turbo for your truck. If you’ve got questions about which turbo is best for your truck and power goals, check out our blog or YouTube channel for dyno tests and results of many of our turbos.

Turbo Videos

Introducing a New Diesel Turbo - 50psi of Boost and 500+ HP | Power Driven Diesel
How to Align a Turbo in a Diesel Engine | Power Driven Diesel
Dyno Test: BorgWarner Turbos S362SXE 68mm Turbine .70 A/R Turbine Housing | Power Driven Diesel
Dyno Test: BorgWarner Turbos S363SXE Turbocharger | Power Driven Diesel
Dyno Test: BorgWarner Turbos S364SX-E .83 Housing & 68mm Turbine | Power Driven Diesel
S364SX-E .91ar Turbine Housing 68mm Turbine

Turbo School

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  1. Joe presti says:

    I’m looking for a diaphragm for the turbo of my 1998. 12 valve Cummins 2500 It’s a small metal housing one and a half inch diameter diaphragm at 10 between the air filter and the turbo I believe it opens and closes to let the turbo turn on can you help me my name is Joe my phone number is 208-935-5650 thank you

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