Automatic Transmission Kits for 1994-1998 Dodge Ram Diesel

Power Driven Diesel has done extensive R&D on the 47rh/47re/48re automatic transmissions in order to locate and eliminate the weak points and provide customers with the best performance upgrades and packages to meet their individual needs.

Diesel Transmission Parts Products

Transmission Cooler Line Replacement Kit

From: $5,789.50


Stock Plus Transmission

From: $3,920.50

Transmission Kits.

650HP DIY Transmission Kit

From: $1,760.00

Transmission Kits.

485HP DIY Transmission Kit

From: $695.00
From: $6,730.30
From: $525.00

Transmission Kits.

550HP DIY Transmission Kit

From: $1,585.00

Diesel Transmission Parts Products

3rd Gen Dodge Trans Cooler Quick Connects

From: $10,131.00

Transmission Kits.

850HP DIY Transmission Kit

From: $2,650.00

Transmission Kits.

1000HP DIY Transmission Kit

From: $3,450.00
From: $14,795.00

Transmission Valve Bodies & Kits

Power Driven Diesel Dodge 4 Speed Custom Valve Body

From $1,025.00