Dodge Ram Cummins 1989-1993 1st Gen 12 Valve Products


Find only the highest quality parts for your ’89-’93 1st gen 12-valve Cummins right here at Power Driven Diesel. We offer products from some of the nations leading manufacturers for diesel truck parts to bring you the best there is to offer. Whether you want make the most power, get down the track the fastest, or pull a sled the furthest, products from Power Driven Diesel will help get you there.

Look for more quality parts from leading manufacturers soon.

1st Gen Budget Builder

Injector Installation Kit


Head Studs & Other Fasteners

Cummins Damper bolts 5.9L 12V/24V (1989-2007)


Head Studs & Other Fasteners

Cummins 5.9L Flex Plate Bolt Kit


Head Studs & Other Fasteners

89-03 5.9 Cummins Flywheel Bolt Kit


Head Studs & Other Fasteners

CUMMINS Exhaust manifold Locking Bolts


Available on backorder

Locking Nuts

Stage 8 Locking Bolt and Nut kits






Transmission Model *

VB Electronics *


Head Studs & Other Fasteners

1989-2007 Dodge 5.9L Dodge Rod Bolt Kit