The Parts Bin – Battery Hold Down, Trans Temp Gauge

We are always working on new parts and products for your trucks. In this visit to “The Parts Bin”, we’re highlighting some recently developed and released products: 2nd Gen Battery Hold Downs, Trans Line Pressure Gauges, Barring Tools, Delivery Valve Sockets, and Turbo Flanges. Battery Hold-Down, Transmission Line Pressure Gauge and other Cool Products! | […]

The Parts Bin – Valve Springs: Race, Street, and 60lb Springs – What’s the Difference

We’re back with another visit to The Parts Bin. This time, we’ve got our valve spring dyno set up so we can look at the differences between standard 60lb valve springs, conical street springs, and conical race springs. Read on to find out how these springs differ and which is right for your truck. 12v […]

How to Install a Transmission Cooler Line

In our latest visit to The Parts Bin, PDD team member Dustin is going to walk you through how to install our new transmission cooler line replacement kit. This kit is a cost effective way to upgrade and replace the stock cooler lines, which are prone to cracks and leaks as the 89-02 Cummins engines […]