How to Install Cummins Governor Springs

installing new cummins governor springs

Installing a governor spring in your stock Cummins p-pump is not difficult. With the right tools and a little bit of time, anyone can do it. We’ll walk you through four simple steps to replacing your governor springs: Remove battery cable, horn, shutdown solenoid, and actuator arm Remove old governor springs (Leave large outer spring […]

Transmission Shafts – What You Need to Know!

We’re talking transmission shafts in this post. Every Dodge transmission has three shafts. There are certain criteria for when each one should be upgraded. In this post, we’re going to cover the following: What are the shafts in the transmission? When should each one be upgraded? Upgrading the Input Shaft The first transmission shaft you […]

What’s the Difference Between VCO and SAC Fuel Injectors? [VIDEO}

We’re covering fuel injectors, specifically the difference between VCO versus SAC injectors. There are a few main differences that we’ll cover in this article: VCO nozzles tend to be quieter and allow for more power. However, the fuel pattern can be weak at the beginning of the injection event. SAC nozzles are louder, and better […]