The Parts Bin: All About Hamilton Cams Forged Pistons

Hamilton Cams Forged Piston

This is our inaugural post of a new feature we’re calling “The Parts Bin”. In this new feature, we’ll be discussing and covering all different types of parts you might want to use in your truck. In our first post, we’re discussing the brand new Hamilton Cams forged pistons. Hamilton Cams Forged Pistons These forged […]

Dyno Test: 2006 Dodge Cummins 362 SXE Drop In with EFI Live Tuning

In our latest dyno test, we’re putting a 2006 Dodge Ram with a 5.9 liter Cummins diesel on the dyno. The only modifications this truck has is EFI Live by Power Driven Diesel and the BorgWarner 362 drop in turbo. Everything else power-wise is stock. We’re going to see what kind of power this setup […]

Power Driven Diesel Beehive Springs VS Ebay Valve Springs Test

Beehive spring vs ebay spring

We had a customer from Hawaii contact us and send us some 75lb overstock valve springs they purchased on Ebay. We tested them against a true 60lb overstock Cummins beehive spring to see what the real seat and open pressures are. Read on for the tests and results.   Setting Up the Valve Spring Tests […]