The Rise of Frankenstein-EP1 “The Birth of Frankenstein”

  THE RISE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a new original web series produced by Power Driven Diesel. Todd Welch’s ’98 Dodge Cummins dubbed “Frankenstein” has been sitting collecting dust for a while now. It’s time to dig this truck out of the grave. In episode 1, The Birth of Frankenstein, we learn how and why this […]

Dyno Testing the BorgWarner SXE362 with an .83 Turbine Housing

BorgWarner 362 Power Numbers

This time we are testing the the BorgWarner SXE362 with a T4 .83 turbine housing. As with past tests, we are going to run this turbo under the same conditions: an unloaded run, and a run with the dyno loaded with 5,500lbs. BorgWarner SXE362 Test 1 Results: Unloaded 1300-3200rpm The results of the first test […]

BorgWarner S362SX-E Dyno Test w/.91 Turbine Housing Vs. .70 Turbine Housing

BorgWarner S362SXE Dyno Results

This time we tested the BorgWarner turbos S362SX-E diesel turbo with a T4 .91 A/R non-wastegated turbine housing and a 68mm turbine. We have previously tested it with a .70 housing, making about 545hp. We will compare the two tests and see how they compare. Will the gains in horsepower be worth a loss in […]