Blow up Fireworks in July not Trucks! If Boots Are Poppin the Party's Stoppin.
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We Buy Cores

We are buying:

  • 89-98 12-valve Injector (up to $100 per set of 6)
  • 98-02 24-valve Injector (up to $100 per set of 6)
  • Rocker Pedestal (up to $100 per set of 6)
  • 94-98 HX35 Cast Exhaust Elbow (up to $50)
  • 160hp / 175hp, P7100 (up to $350)
  • 180hp / 215hp, P7100 (up to $500)

If you have your CRA# click on the core form button. If you don’t have one click the button below.

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