Power Driven Diesel 550-600HP Power Package for 24v Cummins

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  • Your Choice of Quadzilla Adrenaline
  • Optional Fuel Pressure sensor and and tap tee
  • Optional Power Driven Tuning Only for Android Or Apple Quadzilla
  • Power Driven 7 X.010 Injectors
  • Optional Lift Pump  Recommend
  • Optional Head Studs Recommend
  • Optional Push rods Recommend
  • Optional 4.5 Valve Springs
  • Optional Valve spring compressor tool
  • Optional Borg Warner S362 SXE  turbo Recommend
  • Optional Hx40 Down Pipe require for the S362
  • Optional Power Driven Exhaust Manifold
  • Optional S&B Cold Air Intake Recommend
  • Clutch or Automatic transmission are required at this power
  • 4 inch or larger exhaust recommend

This Product Cannot Ship to California

1998-5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Adrenaline

Adrenaline Engine Control System 98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Now available with V2 Adrenaline Tuning http://quadzillapower.com/v2-tuning/ Features:
  • 11 On the Fly Power Levels - USB Updatable
  • 180 RWHP Gains - Easy Access USB port
  • 420 LBSFT Torque Gain - Plug and Play Installation
  • Max Mileage Tuning Level - Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Best Towing Performance Available - Built in TurboGuard
  • Unparalled Throttle Response - Built in PowerIdle
  • Built in EGT, Boost, Transmission Temperature Gauges - Built in Guardian De-fueling Software for EGT, Boost, and Trans Temp

Fuel Pressure Sensor 0-100 Psi (FPSENS)

Features: Adjustable fuel snubber Made from durable materials This Product Cannot Ship to California

1/2" Tee With Tapped Fuel Port

1/2inch Tee With Tapped Fuel Port

Power Driven Diesel Tuning For a Quadzilla Adrenaline 24v VP44 (Requires a Quadzilla Adrenaline with Apple And Android) (62017211426)

Power Driven Tuning For Quadzilla Adrenaline (tuning only ) Comes with 3 tunes that have 9 tunes per tune except for the race and dyno tunes please specify what tunes you want , injectors size, and turbo size (Daily) the cleanest tune for smoke, (Tow) helps with adding torque for towing and minimizing EGT, (Hot Street) most power for a street truck and keeps the smoke to a minimum, (Race) this tune will smoke and is not recommended for the street race only, Dyno Max power NO SMOKE TUNES This Product Cannot Ship to California

24v 2nd Gen Injectors


24v Injector Core Deposit


AirDog II-5G DF-165 | A7SABD525 For truck without Intake lift pump

Benefits of the 5G Fuel System
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Longer Injection System Life
  • Increased Power and Torque
  • Reduced Exhaust Emissions
  • Adjustable Diaphragm Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Boost Compensation Capability
  • Quiet and Smooth Pump Operation

OptiTorque 10341P Patriot Head Stud Kit for 24v and CR Cummins 1998.5-2020

Features: High strength heat treated 12 point nuts Precision ground load distributing washers TrueTorq ® fastener assembly lubricant Installation Instructions 100% manufactured with pride in the USA.  

Power Driven Diesel 24V Pushrods Cummins 1998.5-2018

  This Product Cannot Ship to California

Power Driven Diesel 24v 4.5K Valve Springs (52002219003)

Fits: 89.5-Present 5.9L/6.7L 24v Cummins This Product Cannot Ship to California

Manton Valve Spring Compressor Tool for 24v Cummins (D-104-24v)

Manton – 24v Cummins valve spring compressor tool. This tool speeds up the valve spring installation process for 24 valve Cummins cylinder heads.

Available on backorder

24V Power Driven Diesel Machined T3 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold

Fits: 98.5-2002 (5.9L) Dodge 24-valve Cummins trucks Stocking item Includes: 3 piece Manifold, MLS Gaskets, and Hardware  

S362SX-E Drop In Turbo For 94-02 Dodge Trucks

S362SX-E Drop In Turbo For 94-02 Dodge Trucks This Product Cannot Ship to California

MBRP HX40 Style Downpipe for 94-02 5.9L Cummins Diesel


This Product Cannot Ship to California  

S&B Filters (75-5090) 94-02 5.9L Cummins Cold Air Intake Kit - Cotton Filter

  Fits: 94-02 (5.9L) Dodge Cummins trucks Stocking item *Mandatory 15% Restocking Fee If Returned

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