High Performance Diesel Truck Transmissions

Get the best high performance transmission for your diesel truck to match your driving style and needs. We can build a transmission for your truck from 425hp up to 1500hp or more using the highest quality parts available. Contact us for details on the right transmission for your truck.

If you have the wrenching skills and want to save a bit on your performance transmission, check out our DIY transmission kits. With kits from 425hp up to 1,000hp, you’ll get everything you need to build your own performance transmission for your truck.

Transmission FAQ

Drivetrain & Transmission Parts

HD Flexplate SFI-rated


Automatic Transmission Upgrades

485HP Power Driven Tow/Tuner Transmission

From: $4,071.50

Automatic Transmission Upgrades

550HP Power Driven Power/Tow Transmission


Automatic Transmission Upgrades

850hp Power Driven Street/Strip Transmission

From: $5,939.71

Automatic Transmission Upgrades

1000HP Power Driven Street/Strip Transmission