Performance Diesel Compound Turbo System Kits

Diesel compound turbo kits from Power Driven Diesel give you all the parts you will need to add a BorgWarner SX-E 369 to your 2nd gen or 3rd gen Dodge 5.9l Cummins truck. These compound turbo kits utilize stock turbos for incredibly quick spool-up. This makes for great EGT control and incredible towing power. With one of our compound turbo kits, you can achieve upwards of 600HP while maintaining stock spool-up on your diesel truck! All parts in the twin turbo kits are of the highest quality and include new stainless braided lines for all oil connections and the silicone boots are able to withstand over 125psi and 550º ensuring no blown out boots. The ultra-heavy duty spring loaded clamps are rated at 3X the torque rating of standard T-bolt clamps.

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