12V 2nd Gen Cummins Fuel Injectors

Our most popular option for thousands of 2nd gen 12v Cummins customers, every 12v injector we sell is built here at our shop in Cedar City, Utah. Every injector is hand built on injector bodies with our High Production nozzles, available only in the most popular spray pattern. Every set of 6 has an opening pressure balanced within 8-bar of each other, ensuring consistent quality before they go out the door.

Choose from a variety of 12v Cummins injector sizes and styles to meet your driving style and power needs. Also find a variety of 12v injector accessories to ensure you get the most from your Cummins engine. Shop now for low prices and fast shipping.

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1st Gen Cummins Fuel Injectors

12V Cummins Injector Drain Manifold Bolt

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5-hole vs. 6-hole vs. 7 hole Injectors

Like countless others, you may be wondering what the difference is between all of the injector sizes/hole counts and surfing the internet to find the answer can often lead to more confusion. We’re here to shed some light on the matter. Per a given flow amount, an injector with a smaller hole count and larger orifice size will penetrate deeper into the piston bowl. Depending on the rpm for the application, this could be an advantage or a drawback. An injector of the same flow with a larger hole count and smaller orifice size will produce a finer spray and penetrate less deeply into the bowl, meaning that it will burn sooner at lower rpm/boost levels. The real world effects of this seem to come in the form of burn efficiency at a given rpm. At low rpm, the 7-hole better disperses fuel into the air charge which results in increased burn efficiency (more power). There is a cross-over point around 2000rpm where the deeper penetration of the 5-hole injector results in better fuel dispersion into the increasingly turbulent air charge, enabling a more complete burn which results in more power. While apparent, these differences are minimal until 3000rpm. The 5-hole style injector is by far the most common and is the best choice for most applications.
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