Diesel Lift Pump for 1994-1998 Dodge Ram

Find the right lift pump for your Dodge Ram diesel here. We carry a variety of lift pumps to match your truck’s power, your driving style, and your budget. Select lift pumps from AirDog, FASS, FueLab, and more. Shop now for the lowest prices and fast shipping.

Lift Pump Flow Rates:

95gph is recommended for stock to 600HP applications. This is the kit for most people.
150gph is recommended for 600HP to 700HP applications.
200gph is recommended for 700HP+ applications only.
*You do not want to run a pump with a higher gallon per hour rating than your engines horsepower or the life of the fuel pump will be greatly reduced. Pump noise is greatly enhanced with the larger flowing pumps.

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Fuel Filters

FASS Fuel Filter Pack

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