Injection Pump for Dodge Ram Diesel

Pick up a high-powered injection pump for your Cummins diesel. We have pumps for 12V engines to meet any budget. Shop now for low prices and fast shipping.

Pump Shipping Instructions
  1. Put the pump in a 5 gallon bucket (shaft down) for 30 min.
  2. Tip it on its side to drain fuel for 30 min,
  3. Then back up to drain oil again 30 min.
  4. Remove all the "accessories and brackets" from the pump.*
  5. Remove Any fuel or oil lines and fittings
  6. Remove The support bracket on the bottom of the pump
  7. Remove Any fitting in the afc for boost reference (commonly Damaged in shipping)
  8. Remove All the throttle bracket and linkage assembly
  9. leave the throttle & shut off lever on.
  10. Remove the shutoff solenoid and bracket.
  11. Bag your pump, (heavy trash bags) (protects box from getting oil soaked and returned)
  12. Do Not use packing peanuts, use wadded up newspaper until the box is full of paper.
  13. Use more paper than you think you should.
*(We do not need them to calibrate the pump. The parts usually get broken in shipping, or poke holes in the box.)