Performance Diesel Air Filters

At Power Driven Diesel, we have developed a new line of synthetic air filters to fix common issues found in after market filters. These high performance diesel filters are offered in two models, the ”Performer” which is a high flowing street filter and the “Dust Bowl” which is designed to protect trucks that play in the dirt. These filters were designed to solve the following problems we see in most diesel air filters:

Problem 1: Cleaning time. These filters are cleaned simply with compressed air, so cleaning takes about 5 minutes.

Problem 2: Appearance. These filters are reinforced with a metal “exoskeleton” so the pleats will never look ugly and wrinkled.

Problem 3: Responsibility. Power Driven thinks that oiling a filter puts too much responsibility on the end user. If you over oil, then air flow suffers and if you under oil then filtration suffers. These new filters feature a fully synthetic dry media that requires no oil.

Problem 4: Degradation. Cotton gauze is an organic material and tends to degrade over time. this is why Power Driven Filters use a fully synthetic filter media.

Pick one of these awesome filters up for your truck today.