Power Driven AFC Live In-Cab Fuel Tuner

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  • Power Driven Diesel AFC Live In-Cab Fuel Tuner (60000000236)

AFC Live features:

  • All black housing
  • AFC Pressure Gauge
  • In-cab fuel rate adjustment
  • Infinite level of fuel adjustment
  • Complete EGT control
  • Full power toggle switch

Installation Instructions

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Power Driven AFC Live In-Cab Fuel Tuner


AFC Max Travel Kit

$50.00 $47.50
AFC LIVE Max Travel Kit Is Designed To Work In Conjunction With AFC LIVE
  • Longer Spring Length
  • Will Not Coil Bind
  • Allows for 21 mm of Rack Travel in Pump.

AFC Foot for AFC LIVE Installation

$50.00 $40.00
Power Driven Diesel now offers a custom AFC Foot for our AFC Live. Previously, you (the customer) would have to grind your own AFC Foot for the correct installation/use of AFC Live. With this new product, we have cut the hassle and done the work for you. This custom AFC Foot is machined specifically for AFC Live application and is a true "drop in" component, this greatly reduces the amount of time and effort previously required to install an AFC Live correctly.   Also Great To replace the StockMissing AFC Foot

Power Driven Diesel AFC Housing Reseal Kit (61001010009)

  • Compatible with: 1989-1998 5.9L 12v Cummins
  • Includes: AFC diaphragm, Foot shaft o-ring and the Housing seal