The Parts Bin: Power Driven Diesel Injector Nozzles

12v injector nozzles

In this post, we’re covering a new product we’re happy to offer: injector nozzles. We’ve had a lot of requests from budget conscious and DIY builders to make our nozzles available. Now there available for you to purchase, and we’re covering them here.

We’re offering 24 valve injectors for 1999.5-2002 engines. They are competitively priced to be a very complete set up at a great price. We have included set of new o-rings, copper sealing washers, and crossover tubes. This addresses all the leak points on a 24v setup.

24v injector nozzle

We’re also offering 12 valve injector nozzles. These also have complete install kits. We’ve included three different thicknesses of injector washers to match your engine setup. You’ll also find some horseshoe shaped return seals as well as new o-rings. Again, this will address all your leak point. We have also included some very small shims to help improve your pop pressure.

12v injector nozzles

Disassembling and Reassembling Your 12 Valve Nozzles

Taking your injectors apart is very simple. All you need is a 15mm socket. The bottom end of the injector is just like a standard threaded nut. Lefty-loosey and its out. Once you have it out, right inside is the nozzle. Just past the nozzle is an intermediate disc, a pintle, a spring, and a fat shim.

12v nozzle disassembled

To assemble your new nozzle, just add one of our thin shims, spray it all down with some brake cleaner and put it back together the same way it came out. Just like that, you’re done.

Disassembling and Reassembling Your 24 Valve Nozzles

These are very similar to the 12v nozzles. You still use a 15mm socket to remove them. Getting the bottom off is a bit more difficult. You have to find a way to secure the valve body. We’ve seen and done this with everything from specialized tools to vices, to vice-grips and some padding. Whatever works.

24v nozzle disassembled

Once you have it apart, you’ll find the nozzle, a big intermediate disc, a pintle, spring, and a big shim. You don’t normally need to shim a 24v. Just replace the nozzle and put them back together. Don’t be intimidated. These nozzles have alignment pins and holes to make sure it all goes together a very specific way. They’re very self explanatory and if you get mixed up, just take out the next injector and look at how its put together as a reference.

And that’s it. For either 12v or 24v tighten down to about 30lbs and you’re good to go.

If you have any questions about injectors for your truck or any other diesel parts, give us a call at 435-962-9555 or text us at 435-962-9506 or leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more product tests. Leave us a comment below about what you’d like us to cover next.

2 thoughts on “The Parts Bin: Power Driven Diesel Injector Nozzles

  1. Lonnie Bowden says:

    I have a 2012 Ram 3500/6.7l. Just reading your article about replacing nozzles. Do your nozzles come in different HP rating like I see for injectors ? Can I keep my injector guts and get more fuel out with your nozzles ? New to diesels !! Thanks/Lonnie

    • Lonnon Jensen says:

      Do your nozzles come in different HP rating like I see for injectors? Yes they do come in different sizes.
      Can I keep my injector guts and get more fuel out with your nozzles? Yes by replacing stock nozzles with larger nozzles you can get more fuel in your motor.

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