Why We Built a Common Rail P-Pump Gear Case

If you like p-pumps and big cubic inches, this post is for you.

Common Rail P-Pump Gear Case | Power Driven Diesel

We want our UCC race engine to be a big as possible. This brings with it a number of advantages: turbos spool easier, they make more power, and everything is just better. The easiest way to get cubic inches in a Cummins diesel is with the 6.7 liter block. It’s a big block. It starts big, it’s easier to make big power.

The problems with a 6.7L Cummins block is that none of these come with a p-pump. You can’t get a 6.7L and just bolt a p-pump on. To add one, you need to have a gear case that adapts the p-pump to your truck. When we set out to build a big Cummins for our UCC truck, we tried a number of options from top manufacturers. Some of these worked really well, but also found some problems. So, we built our own.

Why Do You Need A Gear Case Cover?

The 6.7 liter Cummins gear case doesn’t allow for an inline p-pump to be added to the block. It doesn’t matter which pump you choose. So, you need a gear case that adapts the pump to be added to the engine.

Why Did We Build Our Own P-Pump Gear Case?

If you remember a little while back, we had some issues with our engine…we were blowing up camshafts. Snapping them like twigs. What we learned is that we needed more support on the camshaft. We designed our cover with a custom camshaft support bearing. Once we did this, we stopped breaking camshafts, but ran into a new problem. We broke the gears.

We replaced our broken gears with billet gears for additional strength. But, we ran into a new problem installing the billet gears on the Cummins. The stock gears have relief designed into them that allows for clearance of the bolts that hold the gear case to the block. We quickly learned that we needed a gear case that allowed for a different style of fastener.

Finally, we wanted to allow a quick pump swap. We have had to swap pumps at a race and if you need to also swap gears, there is a lot of work involved. We wanted to make swapping gears and pumps quick and easy.

What Makes a Power Drive Diesel Gear Case Different?

We took all the problems we ran in to with previous gear cases and issues and fixed them in our p-pump gear case. First, we built in the camshaft support. The Power Drive Diesel gear case already has the support built in. This allows you to run big power without breaking shafts like we did.

Next, we countersunk the gearcase bolts so they sit flush. This allows aftermarket gears the clearance they need in the case.

Finally, we included a huge cutout that gives you access to the pump, gears, and everything you need to swap out a pump quickly.  

Pick up a new Power Driven Diesel gear case for your Dodge Ram Cummins today. If you have questions about our gear case, or any other products for your diesel truck, contact us at 435-962-9555 or text us at 435-962-9506, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, or leave a comment below. We try to answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.