EFI Live AutoCal w/ Tuning 2006-2009 Dodge/Ram Cummins


Power Driven Diesel




Turbo/Fuel System Upgrades * 

If you Selected “Yes” in either Aftermarket Turbocharger or Aftermarket Fuel System in the options above, please put what those upgrades are as we need to know exactly what you have in your truck in order to send you the correct tune. If everything is stock, you can just say “STOCK”

Transmission: * 

What transmission is in your truck

Transmission Upgrades: * 

We need to know everything that has been done to the transmission or what “stage” it is as well as who it came from/who built it.

VIN Number: * 

We need the full/complete 17 Digit VIN Number

Year of Truck: * 

All tuning is emission compliant *