48RE DIY Performance Transmission Kits

Make sure your transmission can hold the power of your engine with one of our DIY 48RE performance transmission kits. With kits ranging from 425hp up to 1,000hp, we’re sure to have a kit to meet your power goals. Kits contain all the necessary transmission parts to upgrade and improve your transmission. Shop now for low prices and fast shipping.

If upgrading your transmission yourself seems like a big job, check out Power Driven Diesel’s performance transmission builds here and have us do the work for you.

Automatic Transmission Upgrades

425HP DIY 48RE Transmission Kit

From: $456.88

From: $677.25


Drivetrain & Transmission Parts

“Pan off” Transmission Upgrade


Automatic Transmission Upgrades

550HP DIY 48RE Transmission Kit

From: $1,505.00

From: $1,660.88

From: $2,768.13

Automatic Transmission Upgrades

1000HP DIY Transmission Kit 48RE

From: $3,762.50