The Parts Bin – Vacuum Pump Deletes

vacuum pump delete

In the latest visit to the parts bin we’re talking vacuum pumps and how to get rid of them. When we were preparing for Ultimate Callout Challenge, we did a video that introduced the engines we were taking with us and showed off our custom vacuum pump deletes.

Why We Added a Vacuum Pump Delete?

For the first two years we went to UCC, after the sled-pull, we had lost power steering both times. There is a shaft in the vacuum pump that is not very strong and has a tendency to splinter and break. We added the vacuum pump delete to prevent this and maintain power steering after the sled pulls. And it turned out to be a lot more useful for more drivers than we thought.

Who Should Use a Vacuum Pump Delete?

If you have a 2nd Gen Cummins (1997-2002) in either 12 valve or 24 valve, that you are looking to build into a hotrod or a dedicated race pump, this is the product for you. These trucks have hydro-boost brakes and the only thing a vacuum pump is helping with is HVAC and cruise control, both of which typically get removed in these high power, dedicated builds. This eliminates a weak link from your steering system.

Also, Fummins swap builds will benefit from this component. Most Fummins have an electric vacuum pump and don’t even need the mechanical pump. Adding the vacuum pump delete again eliminates a weak spot and takes up less space under the hood.

What’s Different With a Power Driven Diesel Vacuum Pump Delete?

On our vacuum pump delete, you will notice that we use a factory gear, but we have modified it. It has been bored out to fit this pump. So, if for some reason your power steering pump goes out, you can get any power steering pump and press this gear on to it and be up and running again. No need for a custom gear.

Our Conclusion on Vacuum Pump Deletes

We have been happy having these vacuum pump deletes on our trucks because they save us some bulk, weight, and allow us to keep our power steering. That extra control is important with big heavy tires or racing slicks up front on your truck.

If you have any questions about vacuum pump deletes or this specific product, give us a call at 435-962-9555 or text us at 435-962-9506 or leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more product tests. Leave us a comment below about what you’d like us to cover next.