How to Install an EFI Live Diesel Tuner

We recently covered how to tune your common rail Dodge truck with an MM3 tuner. This time, we’re going to walk you through tuning your 2006-2018 Dodge Ram diesel engine with an EFI Live tuner. This isn’t too difficult and once we walk you through it, you should be able to install and set up an EFI Live tuner in your garage.

How to Install EFI LIVE and MM3 Diesel Tuners - Step by Step! | Power Driven diesel

What’s Included with EFI Live Autocal

When you receive your tuning package in the mail, the box should contain the following:

EFI Live Autocal Module
OBDII Connection Cable
Computer Connection Cable

EFI Live Box Contents

Connecting EFI Live to Your Truck

Connecting EFI Live to your truck is pretty straightforward. You just need to connect the OBDII plug to the OBDII port on your truck. You do want to be connected directly to the computer, so if you are running a bypass or anything else, you should remove it first.

Once its connected to the OBDII plug, connect the other end to the EFI Live Autocal. There is only one port and direction to connect this. Next, make sure everything you can shut off is turned off before starting your truck. Radio, lights, blower motors, etc. should all be off. Second, make sure the batteries are charged.

Turning On EFI Live for the First Time

Once everything with your tuner is connected and all other power draws are turned off, turn your key to the on position. When the Autocal comes on, you will see “Scan Tool” as your first option. You will need to arrow down to “Tuning Tool” and press OK. Next, arrow down to “Program Full” and press OK. Next you will see “Read”. Press the down arrow again and you will see a file.

Generally the file you see will be your first name and CSP5, formatted like {YourName_CSP5}. When you see this file, press OK and your module will read “Checking” and then it will start flashing the tune.

Tuning with EFI Live V2

If you want to use EFI Live V2 to flash tunes to your truck, its very similar to using Autocal. Simply go to “Tune Tool”, then to “Tuning”, then to “Program Full”. Select “{YourName}Tunes” and hit OK. From there it will say “Progress” and you will let the tuner do its thing.

Whether you’re using Autocal or V2, the same things will happen. You will have a couple of prompts to follow and your dashboard will light up. This is all totally normal. Towards the end of your tune, you will be prompted to turn the key off and on. Once all of these prompts are done you have successfully flashed your tune.

If you have questions about installing a tuner, or anything else on your diesel, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 435-962-9555 or text us at 435-962-9506 or leave us a comment below. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more product tests. Leave us a comment below about what you’d like us to cover next.