Do Turbo Blankets Make a Difference?

turbo blanket on turbo

In today’s test, we’re going to find out if turbo blankets make a difference. We’ve got Meyer’s Dodge Ram Cummins set up with a Garrett Turbos GT42 turbo. We’re going to dyno it without a turbo blanket and then with the blanket.

What Does a Turbo Blanket Do?

The theory with a turbo blanket is that it keeps heat in the turbo, allowing it to spool faster. It also has a side benefit of controlling under-hood temperature. It doesn’t let all the heat into the engine bay, keeping things cooler.

turbo blanket on turbo

Dyno Test 1 – No Turbo Blanket

For the first spool up test, we’re going to treat this like a stock truck with no blanket. The GT42 turbo has a pretty large turbine wheel and isn’t going to do much before around 2,200rpm. We’re going to start the pull around 1,500rpm and end it around 3,000rpm and see how long it takes to get spooled up.

After to pull, we had a max power of 482hp uncorrected and a max torque of 996lbs uncorrected.

Dyno Test 2 – Turbo Blanket On

This blanket test will be the same as the non-blanket test. We’re going from 1,500rpm to 3,000rpm to see if the Garrett GT42 spools any faster.

After the second pull power was slightly lower at 479hp and torque was 953lbs. That’s likely not the blankets, but just do to slight variations in the dyno. So lets compare the spool up timelines for these runs.

turbo blanket test results

Test Results – Comparing Dyno Timelines

If you compare the results by RPM, you might say the blankets hurt the truck. Run 1 produced a little more power without the turbo blankets. However, comparing them by time tells a different story.

turbo blanket test rpm comparison

When looking at time, peak torque happens about 2 seconds earlier with the blankets installed. With the blankets, peak torque happened in about 14.5 seconds. Without the turbo blankets, it took about 16.83 seconds. This surprised us and may be a worthwhile investment for your truck. If you had asked us before the run, we would have put our money on different results.

turbo blanket test time comparison

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2 thoughts on “Do Turbo Blankets Make a Difference?

  1. Ben hung says:

    I plan on running my hx35 for as long as I can before adding compounds. Would putting a blanket on my hx35 hurt it’s longevity? What I mean is , will the extra heat in the turbo ware it down over time?

    • Craig Hunter says:

      No it will not. However, if the turbo is already old and worn down and is beat regularly, then there is a chance that it could crack the turbine housing.

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